The Council


“I am Quid Pro the crow. Many humans believe that anger is a bad thing. It is not.”  “Anger is a sign of life. It serves a purpose, has helped us survive. There are positive qualities of anger that mobilize resources, increase our vigilance, facilitate the removal of obstacles to pursuing worthy goals. Don’t be fooled by the comfort anger can offer. If not used for positive change, it can be poisonous. Anger is an honest and natural feeling, a perfectly healthy emotion – a good emotion. Anger is appropriate in response to an injustice or a wrong that needs to be righted. Anger arises with the recognition that injustice exists and contains the hope that things can be different.” 
“I am a rabbit. My name is Thicket. Because of the location of my eyes, I can see in all directions without turning my head. I judge the passage of time by changes in the temperature and wind, using touch, smell, and hearing.”

Humble the bee. “Are humans aware of how much of their food is pollinated by insects, bees and mammals? Humans need machines to tell them what we know instinctively, the arrival of storms and seismic events. Can humans reduce their body temperature and slow their heartbeat to stay alive in cold weather?”

Gretelbeth the snail. “We have been here for six hundred million years. We can sleep for three years.  Since we can’t hear, we use our sense of touch.”

An octopus named Awry. “I have blue blood and three hearts. Is language the only way humans communicate?”

“I am a crab. My name is George. With eight legs, two claws, and no backbone, I walk sideways.”

“My name is Pandemonia. I am Phytoplankton, the most essential food element for life on Earth. Being forced to travel for the past forty years, I am tired of moving.”

A snow goose named Julie. “Humans must learn to respect us for who we are, not for what they can teach us. We are masters of cooperation, harmony, flying, building, transportation, navigation, communication, and swimming.”                                                                                                                                                                                                         

As The Moonlight Sonata played in the background, Izzy and Ziggy, twin Dalmatians, spoke in unison. “Ask for what you really want.  Our nicknames are Phlegm and Spit – P.S. for short.”

“I am a hummingbird. My name is Miss Demeanor. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.” 

A red-faced snow monkey from Japan named Aragon. “Always remember the placebo effect.”

“I like all humans, even though none of them seem to like me and other cockroaches. My name is Chomden. For hundreds of millions of years, we’ve been running, twisting and turning twenty-five times a second. Humans don’t understand how nerves in our antenna signal our brains. I can run upside down, compress my body size, and live for nine days without my head before I starve to death.  We are misunderstood. Why do humans think we deserve to be killed? We are friendly and don’t wish them any harm.”

A buff tabby cat was sitting atop an overturned blue sand pail. “I named myself Scab because I enjoy spending my time protecting humans while they heal. My wish for the world is Love.”